armed gopher

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rat damage

Rats can easily chew through the fine mesh used to cover vents. Make sure you use the sturdiest stuff available.

raccoon hole

Again, use the strongest stuff available to cover vents. The small hole in the vent at right was the access point for this raccoon, who did a great deal of damage under the home. The white powder you see isn't poison; it’s flour, which I use to monitor traffic at a suspected entry point.


Here are some steps you can take to mitigate the intrusion of GOPHERS and MOLES into your yard.

1. Plant vegetable/flower gardens in raised beds. Place ONLY “galvanized hardwear cloth” screening material, securely fastened, to the bottom of the bed to prevent intrusion.

2. Place all flowers in planter boxes, clay pots or encase in “gopher baskets”. DO NOT USE CHICKEN WIRE. A GOPHER can and will bite through it.

3. Studies have found that gophers and moles will be deterred from digging through rock 1" in diameter. You can dig trenches three feet deep and 1 foot wide and fill them with rock to deter lateral entry into specific locations in your yard. AGAIN, this does not prevent them from moving into the area above ground.

4. Install ONLY “galvanized hardwear cloth” beneath lawn areas. This will prevent the GOPHERS or MOLES from penetrating the lawn area. You must ensure that theinstallation of the wire is done properly. There can be absolutely no gaps in the wire. The wire comes in 3' or 4' widths. It is unrolled similar to carpeting. The widths MUST overlap each other by 6" and be securely pinned with lawn pins. The EDGES of the wire must be secured to prevent MOLES and GOPHERS from pushing dirt up around concrete, rock borders, etc.. This is commonly overlooked and defeats the entire purpose of placing wire under the lawn. Make sure you have conveyed this information to any landscaper that may be installing turf. ADDITIONALLY, do not allow sod to be placed over the wire until YOU have inspected the wire to ENSURE it is properly installed.

5. If feasible, secure all possible above-ground entry points into your yard.

6. Some cats and dogs will actively hunt GOPHERS AND MOLES.

7. Birds of prey will hunt GOPHERS and MOLES. If feasible, Installation of raptor stands can be quite beneficial in the suppression of these animals.